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i always read things along the lines of “you can be happy without them” but i think you should also learn to be okay with the fact that people can be happy without you too. 

I just remembered this time in high school when a kid straight up quoted Martin Luther King Jr.’s entire speech in his essay and how confident he was about it. He was so happy about how little he had to actually write.

It’s been a nice morning.

In love.

In love.

Bad idea #184

A baking show where they can only mix ingredients by holding whisks with their toes.

Doing it right.

Doing it right.

It was a day I convinced myself to wear the yellow dress and tell jokes even though I was tired and ask if we could have potlucks and hear in response “we can have potlucks everyday!”

I had a dream IHOP was now called “haha POEMS” but was abbreviated IEOP?? What a strange dream I didn’t understand anything at all.

a recycling bin with a mini recycling bin that i painted. the theme is gorillas and breakfast! it’s going to be at coachella for your recycling needs so if you are going it’d be maybe sorta kinda cool if you took a picture with it and showed me?? haha. ahh. 

it features things such as a giant pat of butter, gorillas hanging out in a waffle, and even a gorilla being “tuff” while carrying a waffle on his back. 

My brother and his girlfriend’s birthday bash.