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tide in, tide out. 

waves are calming. 

I had the beggin’ strip.

I had the beggin’ strip.

One of my favorite things to do is act like a secret cop and say things like “so like… How did you get photoshop?? It’s so expensive.. Not like I’m a cop or anything.”

I feel pretty good about things right now and I hope you do too. I’ve been taking more pictures of the sky. Maybe things are looking up.

Last night I sat in one of those smart carts at the airport and my brother pushed me around.

You know when you smile so hard you look a little dumb? Hahaha

Gonna get a peach and start this day off peachy keen.

Airport plants.

Airport plants.

Picking up people you love at the airport.

Picking up people you love at the airport.

i’m not one to beg for attention 

but it stings a little hard when i lose your affection

i didn’t think i’d be so selfish for your love

i’m so sorry i was so selfish for your love.